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Fantastic opportunities in the Handwerk Metall

Bezirk Ried. Some locksmiths from the Ried district have joined forces to form the Handwerk Metall cooperation and are tackling the challenges of the acute shortage of skilled workers together. The shortage of skilled workers affects more than 60% of Austrian companies and leads to additional workloads for employees, especially in skilled trades, and in some cases even to a loss of sales.

In order to counteract this situation, six metalworking companies from the Ried district joined forces in 2016 to form the Handwerk Metall cooperation. Hörmanseder Stahlbau from Tumeltsham, Wendl Metall Design und Technik from Ort im Innkreis, Einfinger locksmith from Tumeltsham, Thebert Metallbau from Tumeltsham, Albert Knoblinger Schüttguttechnik from Ried and KOWE CNC from Geinberg exhibit together at the Rieder apprenticeship fair, cooperate on training topics and operate jointly Advertising campaigns for apprenticeships in the metal trade.
Such a joint advertising campaign is currently running in the catchment area of the six companies. For this purpose, a common basic layout was designed and each company derived its personal poster from it. The large-format posters hang on specially made stands or stick to advertising spaces in Ried, Ort, Geinberg and the surrounding area.

Johann Wendl, guild master of the Rieder locksmiths, says: “Through our joint appearance, we can also draw attention to ourselves as small and medium-sized businesses. It’s nice to see what you can achieve together!”

The well-founded training in metal technology offers young people the best opportunities for an ambitious career. The basic module is the same for all metal trades and is supplemented by the main modules over the course of the apprenticeship, depending on the orientation of the company. A further deepening by means of special modules or apprenticeship with Matura is also possible.
Further information on the Handwerk Metall cooperation and the participating companies can be found at!

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