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Our experience: over the decades.

The company Albert Knoblinger Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Ried im Innkreis, in the Upper Austrian Inn region, has been specializing on mechanical bulk material tech- nology for decades. Being an owner-managed family business, Knoblinger stands for traditional quality craftsmanship combined with innovative engineering technology.

With the construction of the new office building in 2007 and hall 7 “Sheet processing” in the year 2008, Knoblinger has advanced to a new dimension. With around 80 employees today, Knoblinger is firmly established in the field of bulk material systems, yet small enough to be able to market flexible and tailor-made concepts that range from project planning through to installation.

Company site:

11.500 m2 – 6.000 m2 of which devoted in prodiction

Export share:

80 %


wood pellets, pellets /  wooden material, biomass /


grain, animal feed and foodstuffs / 

metal, mineral, building materials / residual materials, 
residual materials, ash, sludge / job order production


Austria, Europe, Asia, North and South America


Plakette Engineering Quality from Austria / EU